Blacksmithing and wrought iron work

The traditional blacksmith used their craftsmamship to manufacture tools, hardware and architectural element as well as furnitures to allow the man to live and evolve through the ages. Today, new technologies and modern working methods have replaced artisans in favor of mass production and the more profit to be made resulting in the manufacturing of products without character, generic and ephemeral.

Ignis Inferni’s mission is to redefine the modern object by combining refined design and traditional know-how in order to design and manufacture high-quality works without loosing focus on aesthetics and function.

Lighting, furniture and hardware are among the main creations offered by our company, combining materials such as metal, concrete and wood. We create objects that want to be durable and versatile in their design to be well integrated in any decors and spaces. Each of our creations are designed and handmade with passion and care in our studio located on the South Shore of Montreal. We manufacture limited series or custom products where the craftsmanship and skill clearly shows. We use our own designs and work together with the customer to develop custom projects.


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Our team


Ignis Inferni Forge is a family business operated by two artists, Jean Luc and Marie Michele, both driven by a passion for the craftsmanship and design. Their path crossed in 2004 in Quebec while the both of them worked for the local blacksmith shop. They fell in love and from there started the project of building their own forge with their unique designs.


Jean Luc Lacoste, artist blacksmith : Jean Luc comes from a machinist and toolmaker background. In 2001 he began to learn the blacksmith craft in a self-taught way with only one anvil and a hammer in an old barn. He continued the apprenticeship of this craft with a well reknown blacksmith based in Orlean Island in Quebec city, Guy Bel. Since 2010 he has built his own forge and manufacturing company with the help of co-founder Marie Michele. He is still learning new technics with every project.


Marie Michèle Gagnon, artist sculptor : Marie went to art school in the sculpture program at La Maison des Métiers d’art in Quebec city. It’s during her studies that she found a real passion in welding metal and molding concrete. She co-founded Ignis Inferni Forge with Jean Luc in 2010 to satisfy her need to create beautiful and practical objects as well as her art.